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Front Elevation
Side Elevation
Rear Elevation
Aerial During Construction
Board formed concrete mass wall
End Grain 4x4 block flooring

Passive Solar House - Quaker Neck Landing

The owners of this project came to us wanting a

small, understated, Arts and Crafts inspired home,

that was designed to fit within the community at

Quaker Neck Landing, and designed with Energy

Efficiency in mind to the maximum extent possible.

The floor plan of the house was dominantly

developed by using the solar orientation of the

house. The lot was small and narrow, forcing the

house to face the street in the same manner as the

neighboring homes. Large tall windows were used on

the South-west length of the first floor, with concrete

floors and a large board-formed concrete mass

wall was designed to collect solar energy during the

winter months. During the summer months, the large

overhangs and neighboring deciduous trees prohibit

the rays of the sun from entering the same windows.

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